Other useful equipment

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Other useful equipment

Fire blankets

  • Fire blankets are useful for covering cooking related fires, and for wrapping around a person to smother a clothing fire.
  • Fire blankets are made of fabrics that are fire resistant and can be purchased at most hardware stores.
  • Store fire blankets in a location close to your kitchen.
  • Fire blankets can usually be bought from your local hardware store.

For more information, Google search 'fire blankets NZ'. Your local Library can also help.

Home sprinklers

  • A home sprinkler will protect your family and home from the dangers of fire, 24 hours a day.
  • The best time to install sprinklers is when you are building a new house or substantially renovating an existing one.
  • However, installing sprinklers into existing homes (retro-fitting) is also becoming an increasingly affordable option.
  • Home sprinklers use ordinary domestic plumbing and can be installed by a qualified plumber in around two days.
  • Sprinkler installation costs for a new home costs on average about 2% of the build price. Compare that to the average cost of a house fire without sprinklers in New Zealand, which is $42,000.