Guide to firefighting operations

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Guide to firefighting operations

The Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s Firefighting Operations guide provides help to ensure building designs comply with the New Zealand Building Code C5 – Access and safety for firefighting operations; Clause C5.6

The guide aims to inform relevant parties how Fire and Emergency New Zealand is likely to undertake firefighting and rescue operations in buildings.


The guide is for:

  • building designers
  • officers of Building Consent Authorities (BCAs) and Territorial Authorities (TAs)
  • building facilities professionals
  • evacuation specialists
  • anyone else with an interest in designing safety strategies in buildings.

How the guide is presented

The guide is presented for consultation on a chapter-by-chapter basis. 

Chapters have a three-month review period from the date they are released. A final reminder email will be sent about one-week prior to the close of the review period. Any feedback received will be reviewed, and the documents updated as appropriate. The draft version of each chapter will remain on this page for reference until the review period has ended and all guides are replaced with final documents. 

Feedback is welcomed internally and externally, our key stakeholders are:

  • designers, architects
  • the wider engineering community
  • Building Consent Authorities (BCA)/ Territorial Authorities (TA)
  • Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE)
  • Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)
  • Fire Protection Association New Zealand (FPANZ)
  • Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ)
  • Ministry of Business Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE)

Notification will be relayed, via focus groups, once chapters are available on our site, along with a link to the documents and an email address for sending any feedback. 


Feedback and further information

Please provide feedback to the following email address along with requesting further information: