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Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Check it's alright

Fire in rural areas

Fires can devastate land and local communities.

If you live and work in forested or rural areas, or use these areas for recreation, you need to understand your responsibilities and how to reduce the risk of a fire outbreak or spread of fire.

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Fire seasons and permits

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is responsible for declaring fire seasons and issuing fire permits in all urban and rural locations in New Zealand.

Before you light an outdoor fire, you need to check the fire season in the location of your proposed fire – you can do this by going to

Depending on the fire season and type of fire you want, you may need to apply for a fire permit at If you get a permit, you must comply with all its conditions.

No matter what the fire season is, you still need to comply with any council bylaws and regional council requirements relating to smoke nuisance and discharges to the air, even if you are issued with a fire permit from Fire and Emergency.

Apply for a Fire Permit

If you want to light a fire in open air, you need to find out what the current fire season is for your area, and whether you need a fire permit.