General enquiries and questions

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

General enquiries and questions

Use this form if you wish to submit a general enquiry or question to Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

Note: Due to a technical error, queries that were submitted via this form between 1 July and 31 August, or 1-30 November, may not have been received.

If you sent a request in this period and have not received a reply, please resubmit with an email to

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Provide a phone number if you’d prefer we contact you by phone

Check out our information regarding fire permits and seasons.

Alternatively, visit the Check It's Alright website.

For information regarding evacuation schemes, visit our Online Services site.

To help with your request, please provide the following information in the section below:

  • Are you the occupier, owner or insurer? (including an authorised agent)
  • Address of the site
  • Date when your restriction notice expires (if known)
  • Name of the inspector or authorised person who issued the notice (if known)
  • Incident number (if known).

Please read our Privacy statement to know how we will use the information submitted in this form.

Just checking, have you viewed our recruitment information?

Just checking, have you viewed our recruitment information?