Fire as a land management tool

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Fire as a land management tool

In New Zealand, fire is commonly used for land clearing and for disease control in agricultural or horticultural industries. While it is a valuable tool, use of fire use comes with risk.


The person who lights or causes a fire to be lit is responsible for ensuring the fire remains safe and is completely extinguished. Knowledge of how to use fire safely will reduce the risk to life, neighbouring property and the environment.


The Fire as a land management tool guide sets out the principles of safe use of fire as a land management tool. It will help landowners:

  • understand the key stages in safe use of fire as a management tool
  • identify the risks and considerations that need to be managed.


Specific guidance on common fire types is also available, providing further detail on how to plan and execute each fire type safely and effectively. Guidance is available on the following fire types (more will be available soon):


These guides are initial versions and will be developed further with the support of the SCION research program and end user partners including the Forest Owners Association, Department of Conservation and Federated Farmers.