Escape My House Challenge

Not enough people, especially young adults, have thought about how they’d escape their house if a fire were to break out – most thinking they will just simply walk out the door in the “unlikely” event. Many are unaware of just how fast a fire can spread, not to mention how smoke limits visibility.

In reality, 1 in 4 Kiwis will experience a house fire, and have only 3 minutes to escape. We want to raise awareness of this with a challenge that shows just how tricky it can be, and why you need 3-Step-Escape Plan.

Make sure you, and everyone you live with, know these three important things:

  1. First escape route
  2. A second escape route
  3. Meeting place

Test yourself and your whānau or flatmates with the Escape My House Challenge, and head over to to make your 3-Step-Escape-Plan now.

To recreate the disorientation and lack of vision in a real house fire, you’ll need to be blindfolded and spun around before you can attempt to find the way out of the house.

We’re using TikTok as the main channel for the challenge, however the content can be reshared and then created on Instagram too.  The challenge will also be communicated via the following radio channels: The Edge, More FM, Mai and The Breeze.

The 3-Step-Escape Plan campaign will also appear on TV, OnDemand and on the radio during the campaign period (21 February – 20 March 2022).

How to do the Escape My House Challenge:

  1. Blindfold yourself in a closed room and spin around until you’re disorientated
  2. Before the track ends (1 minute), get yourself and anyone who may need help to the first way out
  3. Escape your house and gather at your outside meeting place
  4. Post the challenge to TikTok with #EscapeMyHouseChallenge and encourage your followers to test themselves.

*TikTok song to search: BGM of escape scenes and chasing scenes (839638)

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Proposed post copy: Test yourself and your whānau with the Escape My House Challenge and head over to to make your 3-Step-Escape-Plan now #EscapeMyHouseChallenge