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Busy Guy Fawkes weekend for firefighters

Busy Guy Fawkes weekend for firefighters

Firefighters were kept busy this Guy Fawkes weekend with fires caused by fireworks across the motu.

Fire and Emergency is calling for anyone who has leftover fireworks, and plans to use them, to do so responsibly.

Community Education Manager, Adrian Nacey says the conditions were dry and windy in many places over the weekend and unfortunately there were a number of incidents caused by fireworks not being used with care.

"The fires at Pegasus Beach and Te Mata Peak show just how easy it is for a stray firework to start a fire and why it’s so important to take care," he says.

"Due to industrial action by the New Zealand Professional Firefighters' Union, we don’t have the exact number of incidents that were related to fireworks over the weekend. However, we did see bush fires in the Far North at Baylys Beach; Riverhead, Auckland; Breaker Bay, Wellington and Sumner, Christchurch - all involving fireworks.

"If you do have leftover fireworks, please be careful if you are planning to let them off. Do not light fireworks if it’s too windy.

"If the conditions are safe to let them off, do it safely. Have a bucket and water nearby. Point them to the sky and make sure there is nothing flammable around.

"Go to for more safety tips and remember to check your local bylaws.

"Let’s keep Aotearoa, our nature and communities, safe and think before letting off fireworks."