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Southland moves back to a restricted fire season

Southland moves back to a restricted fire season

Southland will move back into a restricted fire season as of 8am this morning (8 February).

The private use of charcoal barbecues, charcoal grills, wood-fired pizza ovens and chiminea are still banned for Southland’s Sandy Point until further notice. However, the same ban that has been in place for Edendale will be revoked at 8am today.

A restricted season means anyone wanting to light an open-air fire in Southland will need a permit.

"To apply for a permit, go to and follow the simple steps," says District Manager, Julian Tohiariki.

"If you have a permit, you will also need to follow the conditions listed on it."

Julian Tohiariki says recent rain has eased the conditions, but the risk of wildfire is still present.

"Summer is not over yet, there is no guarantee the dry conditions that require a prohibited fire season won’t return.

"If it’s too hot and windy - don’t light, even with a permit. It only takes one small spark to start a devasting wildfire," he says.

To check the conditions and find valuable fire safety tips head to

"Take care this summer and do your part to keep Southland safe."