Who are we seeking?

For LACs to be effective, we need them to reach beyond the organisations and networks we already work with. We're looking for people who are:

  • well-connected and respected, able to engage with a range of networks and communities of interest to gather a community-wide perspective, not just represent a specific group
  • known for their integrity, able to put personal views to one side to represent all stakeholders in their local community
  • able to think strategically about local risks and issues, cutting to the heart of what matters, and applying a logical, common sense pragmatic approach
  • highly-collaborative and inclusive of different views, so that the LAC can work together towards consensus in the advice provided to Fire and Emergency on behalf of their community
  • committed to building a safer, more resilient New Zealand.

The full criteria which the selection panel will use to assess  a nominee's suitability for LAC membership has not yet been finalised. However it is likely to broadly align with descriptions and ratings developed to help identify ideal skills and experience for LAC members, based on learnings from the 2018 trial in the Hawke’s Bay.