Career recruitment campaign a success

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Career recruitment campaign a success

Our career recruitment campaign to attract a more diverse pool of applicants has been very successful. 

We received the highest number ever of female applicants – 161 out of a total number of 990 applicants which is 16% of applications.

We also attracted an increasingly ethnically diverse range of applicants with 116 applications from Maori, 137 from people of Pacific descent and 51 from candidates identifying as Asian. 

This recruitment round attracted a total of 990 applications - the highest number of applicants received in one recruitment round. In two recruitment rounds last year 720 applications were received. 

Applicants will now go through the assessment process with new recruits proceeding to the new recruits’ course at National Training Centre in Rotorua, in January and April next year. There are 48 places available across the two intakes.