Celebrating our firefighters on International Firefighters’ Day Whakanuia Ngā Kaipatuahi

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Celebrating our firefighters on International Firefighters’ Day Whakanuia Ngā Kaipatuahi

Today is International Firefighters’ Day, Whakanuia Ngā Kaipatuahi, a day when people around the world celebrate the mahi of all firefighters, past and present, and the service they have given and continue to give to their communities.

There are around 1,800 career firefighters and nearly 12,000 volunteers in Aotearoa across more than 650 fire stations.

Fire and Emergency Chief Executive Kerry Gregory says firefighters do a remarkable job and are committed to serving and protecting their communities.

“These days, firefighting has become more than protecting just life and property from fire. Our firefighters also respond to medical calls, motor vehicle crashes, hazardous substances, technical rescues, severe weather natural disasters.

“They also help to reduce the number and impact of fires through community outreach, education and fire safety messaging. They help communities to recover and get back on their feet after major incidents.

“I’d also like to acknowledge and thank all those who support our firefighters, employers who release them to respond and families who support them. This support enables our firefighters to be there to help our communities when they need them. On a personal level, I will always be grateful to our firefighters who were there to save my life seven years ago when I had a medical emergency.”

Tonight, the Sky Tower will be lit up in red and blue to celebrate the service of all past and present firefighters – in New Zealand and across the world. The colours are symbolic of the main elements firefighters work with – red for fire and blue for water. These colours are also internationally recognised as representing emergency services.

Please watch this video of thanks from some tamariki to our firefighters.

Our graphic for International Firefighters Day