Urban fire seasons and permiting

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Urban fire seasons and permiting

This includes helping to prevent activities within communities that may lead to the outbreak or spread of fire. 

As of 1 July 2018, our fire control powers, which includes declaring fire seasons and issuing fire permits, will extend to all urban and rural locations in New Zealand, including public conversation land. 

This means that all urban and rural fire permits will be processed through the same permitting system, available via checkitsalright.nz, and you will no longer be able to go to your local council for urban fire permits.

Fires can devastate land and local communities; it is important that before you light any outdoor fire, you check the fire season in the location of your proposed fire – you can do this by visiting checkitsalright.nz.

Depending on the fire season and the type of fire you want, you may need to apply for a permit. If you get a permit, you must comply with all its conditions.

No matter what the fire season is, you always need to comply with any council bylaws and regional council requirements relating to smoke nuisance and discharges to the air, even if you are issued with a fire permit.

From 1 July, you can find more information about fire seasons, lighting a fire safely, permits, fire in rural areas and keeping your home fire safe by visiting checkitsalright.nz.

Remember, before you light, check it’s alright.