Fire safety in Minginui and Te Whaiti

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Fire safety in Minginui and Te Whaiti

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is working with two small Bay of Plenty communities to ensure they are well prepared in the event of a fire.

More than 110 households around Minginui and Te Whaiti have been visited by Fire and Emergency staff as well as locals to educate the community about fire safety, help them make escape plans and make sure every home has a working smoke alarm. Each whare (home) was also given a bag of fire safety resources.

“We’re supporting these communities by talking them through the steps they can take to prevent fires and keep themselves and their whānau safe,” says Kereama Katu, Fire and Emergency Pou Takawaenga Māori.

Working smoke alarms are an important tool to provide early detection of fires and save lives. This is particularly important in remote areas and locations.

 “Early detection from smoke alarms gives vital minutes to prevent a potential loss of life or property,” says Kereama Katu.

Interconnected smoke alarms were also installed at their two marae to ensure the whānau is alerted to a fire when they are using the marae.

“Interconnected smoke alarms mean if a fire occurred on the marae then every one of those alarms would sound, alerting people to a fire no matter which building they’re in,” says Kereama Katu.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is committed to reducing risk in all communities.

“We’re pleased to be able to support members of the Minginui community by helping locals and members of Minginui Fire Brigade install smoke alarms and educate their whānau.”

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