Pigeon Valley Fire update 15 - 1130 hours 08/02/2019

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Pigeon Valley Fire update 15 - 1130 hours 08/02/2019

We are advising residents and public to keep themselves safe as there is a lot of overhead smoke

As the wind picks up later today that this is expected to lift and with the predicted wind patterns is forecasted to drift towards Wakefield.

Safety messages for the public are below:

For those closest to the fire, smoke may irritate eyes, nose, throat and airways. These symptoms should quickly pass after you remove yourself from the smoke.

People with asthma, bronchitis, emphysema or other lung disease are at greatest risk from smoke inhalation. Those with angina or other heart disease might also be more affected. You should avoid exposure if possible. If you have any of these conditions and you are being exposed to smoke you should:

  • remain indoors
  • close all the windows and doors
  • turn off ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems that draw in air from outside

...until the plume has dispersed or moved away, and you can no longer smell smoke.  

If your symptoms worsen and do not respond to their usual measures, call your General Practice or Healthline 0800 611 116. If you experience breathlessness or chest pain, call 111.

Keep up to date via the Nelson Tasman Civil Defence website and Facebook pages.  Turn on a radio and keep it tuned to news of the fire, or keep a news live feed open on your computer.


Further updates

Updates will be available on the Nelson Tasman Civil Defence website and facebook page, both Nelson City and Tasman District Council facebook pages and websites, and through Newstalk ZB 1341AM and BrianFm radio at 105.6 FM.


Media Contact:
Nelson Tasman Civil Defence and Emergency Management 
027 703 0409

Further updates will be provided as soon as it is available