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Urban fire seasons and permiting

21 June 2018 | Fire Season Updates

A crucial part of our role as Fire and Emergency New Zealand is risk reduction.

Smoke alarms save lives

18 June 2018 | Announcements

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is urging people to ensure they and their family and friends have working smoke alarms following the death of a 68-year-old male.

Public consultation on Local Advisory Committee boundaries underway

2 May 2018 | Announcements

We are setting up Local Advisory Committees (LACs) across the country to help it keep informed of the fire and emergency risks, and needs, of local communities.

Live House Burn on Seven Sharp

26 April 2018 | Announcements

IGNITE Magazine: Issue 7

26 March 2018 | Ignite Magazine

Fire and Emergency marks a year on from Port Hills

13 February 2018 | Announcements

Today marks a year since the fires on Canterbury’s Port Hills.