How can I make a difference?

True, Good, Useful model

Having values is important for an organisation, but they are only meaningful if we live those values through our actions, every day.

The True, Good, Useful test is a great way to test our actions and decisions to see if they are above or below the line.

Before you act, ask yourself whether what you are about to say or do:


  • Is it based on facts or direct observation?
  • Is it opinion/rumour or gossip?
  • Am I prepared to put my name behind this?


  • Is it fair and reasonble?
  • Is it lawful?
  • Could this impact on Fire and Emergency's reputation?
  • Is this something that would affect the way behaviour aligns to our values?


  • Is it constructive, and will it help?
  • Is it necessary?
  • How would the media respond?

Being an upstander

Being an upstander means not walking past unwanted behaviour.

CHECK-IN: Am I okay?

Note your own triggers and know when you are most vulnerable.

You need to ensure your own physical, psychological and emotional safety before you can help others effectively. If you’re not ok, please ask for help.

SAY: That's not okay.

Step in and shut down harmful behaviour or banter early so it doesn't continue, but only when it is safe to do so. This may involve calling a time out or asking the person being bullied or harassed to leave the room with you. You could also say something simple to the perpetrator like "that's not ok"  or "that's below the line". You can discuss this with your team and come up with a simple saying that works for you.

ASK: Are you ok?

Check in with the person being bullied or harrassed. Do they want to talk about it? Listen to them and be available. You can suggest raising the issue with leadership or accessing our many support channels.

In this video, you’ll hear about bullying and harassment and the role you can play in ensuring it has no place at Fire and Emergency.

This video explains unconscious bias and how it may impact our behaviour and decision-making. It provides advice on how to recognise and overcome our unconscious biases.