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Positive Workplace Culture

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is committed to ensuring it provides everyone with an environment where they feel safe, welcome and included. In July 2018 we commissioned retired Judge Coral Shaw to carry out an independent review into our workplace policies, practices and procedures to address bullying and harassment. The review identified some widespread issues and 33 recommendations were made to address these.

To address the findings of the review, Fire and Emergency set up the Positive Workplace Culture Programme.

Through our Positive Workplace Culture Programme, we are:

  • helping our people understand what our Values and our Code of Behaviour mean for them.
  • supporting our people with access to relevant development opportunities,
  • providing a meaningful and accessible way for people to address unwanted interpersonal behaviour through the Behaviour and Conduct Office
  • helping to strengthen teams and brigades by delivering learning and development workshops to promote and encourage the behaviours that enable and support  a healthy workplace culture.


He waka eke noa - Everyone in one canoe with no exception

We’ve been working towards this for some time, here’s our story so far…

Fire and Emergency New Zealand was established and it signed an agreement with unions and associations to work together to protect the health and safety of our people.
We’ve been delivering the work programme outlined in our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy since June 2018.
In January 2019, the findings of an independent review of Fire and Emergency’s workplace policies, procedures and practices to address bullying and harassment was released. This review was our choice. It was our line in the sand – bullying and harassment have no place at Fire and Emergency.
We’ve have now released our sixth six-month progress report, three years into our journey.

On this site you’ll find a series of videos through which we aim to raise awareness of bullying and harassment and encourage people to act. You’ll hear real stories that had significant effects on people, reminding us that we deal with tough stuff every day. Therefore, we need to make sure we look after each other. Let’s start here: everyone in one canoe with no exception.


If you have any questions, please contact us and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you are media and have questions, please contact our media team by emailing media@fireandemergency.nz