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Electrical fire prompts fire safety reminder

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Fire and Emergency is reminding New Zealanders that electrical appliances do have a fire risk and need to be used safely, following an electrical house fire in Chatswood, Auckland earlier this week.

Designing for fire safety

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The purpose of fire safety design in a building is to allow people to escape the building before being overcome by the effects of fire.

Fire safety regulatory framework

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The legislation around fire safety in the built environment includes requirements that relate to the design of the building itself as well as some that relate to the operation, maintenance and general use.

Fire safety assessment tool

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Holistic fire safety impact matrixAs well as meeting compliance requirements with the building code, building works need to be cost effective.

Fire Safety Campaign resources

Landlord's fire safety checklist

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As a landlord, you have obligations to ensure you're maintaining your property to a suitable standard.

Winter fire safety

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Winter brings a unique set of fire dangers that you need to be aware of.

Farm and rural business fire safety checklist

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If you live or work on a rural property or rural business, there are specific things you should do to prepare for the possibility of a fire emergency.