Years 1 and 2 videos

Use this page to access the videos and interactive download when going through the Get Firewise program.

School Videos

  1. The speed of the armchair fire
  2. Song - Get out! Stay out! Well done! (song lyrics)
  3. Fighting fires
  4. Photographs
  5. The Firefighters' gear

School Interactive Story

The Tamati and Sam Get Firewise interactive story is an integral component of the Get Firewise resource. The story reinforces key fire-safety messages.

  1. Download for PC [84.22MB Zip file]
  2. Download for Mac [92.53 MB Zip file]

Family Videos

Videos that can be watched at home as a family.

Please note, parental guideance is recommended as some children may find scenes disturbing.

  1. Stop The Home Fires Burning
  2. Escape plans
  3. The speed of fire
  4. Fatal fire - One family's story

Firefighter School Video

For Firefighters to use during school visits.

  1. Introduction (Firefighter training)
  2. Candle fire - Year 1 and 2 (for use in schools) - *Use Chrome or Chromium Edge to access.