Our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic is to respond to emergencies while keeping our people & communities safe.


Years 7 and 8

Be Firewise for year 7 and 8 is a level three and four fire-safety programme for use within the Science and Health and Physical Education strands of The New Zealand Curriculum.


The year 7 and 8 fire-safety education resource topics include:

Learning about fire

    • What is fire?
    • How fast does it spread?
    • A firefighter’s story
    • Candles
    • Fireworks
    • Identifying common causes of fire in the home and classroom
    • Spot the potential fire hazard

Preventing fires

    • What is a smoke alarm?
    • Smoke alarms in my home
    • That's the smoke alarm - get out fast
    • How does a smoke alarm work?
    • The get down, get low, get out game
    • Our family's escape plan

What to do in a fire

    • Calling 111 in a fire emergency
    • A fire in our classroom
    • The safe meeting place
    • What to do if someone gets burnt

Use the interactive downloads below when going through the Be Firewise program.

Interactive Download

Please see the Be Firewise booklet for instructions on how to install and run the interactive download.

Teachers and Students Be Firewise Programme resources

Family Videos

Videos that can be watched at home as a family.

Please note, parental guideance is recommended as some children may find scenes disturbing.

  1. Stop The Home Fires Burning
  2. Escape plans
  3. The speed of fire
  4. Fatal fire - One family's story

Firefighter School Video

For Firefighters to use during school visits.

  1. Introduction (Firefighter training)
  2. Candle fire - Year 1 and 2 (for use in schools)
  3. Firefighters classroom persentation (Firefighter training)
  4. Promotion to schools (Firefighter training)
  5. Teachers using Get Firewise in the classroom (Firefighter training)
  6. Bradford football stadium fire, England, 1985 - Year 7 and 8 (for use in schools)