Entry requirements: Medical check

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Entry requirements: Medical check

We use the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) medical guidelines when screening volunteers. This is to ensure the safety of the volunteer, the people they work with and those we provide a service to.

You can view the full AFAC guidelines here, however they can be difficult to follow. We've summarised the requirements for you below, and have included the common situations that might require us to seek further information.  

Our medical requirements vary depending on what role you are applying for.  Any medical condition that limits your mobility or could cause you to collapse can pose a risk for fire-fighting and may prevent your application being successful: asthma, insulin dependent diabetes, epilepsy or loss of consciousness, some heart conditions and psychological conditions are all conditions which can present risk in firefighting and will require more extensive testing.

If you have any concerns about a medical condition please contact one of recruitment team on 04 496 3716 or 04 439 7849 or email volunteer@fireandemergency.nz