Our Volunteers

We attend around 80,000 incidents every year. These incidents go well beyond firefighting and include hazardous substance responses, rescuing trapped people, urban search and rescue, medical emergencies, maritime incidents, weather events and disasters. Our volunteers are often first at the scene.

We rely on volunteers to help keep communities safe, and we’re always looking for more volunteers. We recognise volunteers’ employers and their families’ generous support to enable our people to respond to emergencies and give back to the community.

Volunteer with us 

Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s 11,000 volunteers make up 85% of our personnel and provide essential services across the country, particularly outside of the major cities. They factor in the strengths, risks and needs of their communities into the way we work, and help create safe, resilient communities.

Learn more about becoming a part of our volunteer community and how to register your interest.

Employers of Fire and Emergency volunteers

Having a volunteer on your team has loads of benefits for your business and your community. Learn the many ways you can support your local brigade , your employee volunteers and how to join our Employer Recognition Programme.

Families of volunteers

Find out what to expect when a member of your family volunteers with us. Learn more about our volunteer community, how to support your volunteer family member(s) and how we can support you.

Our Volunteers