Our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic is to respond to emergencies while keeping our people & communities safe.


Security and medical checks

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Security and medical checks

All applicants need to undertake police vetting and, depending on the role, medical checks as well.

Police vetting

Being a volunteer requires trust and integrity and is a position that comes with responsibilities. So, all applicants must undertake police vetting. This identifies if a person has criminal convictions.

We do not accept people who have convictions for arson or sexual offences. For other crimes, it depends on the conviction and when it occurred. Unpaid fines have to be paid.

For more information see the Police website: Information about vetting

If you have any questions about police vetting to become a volunteer, please email our recruitment team at volly.applications@fireandemergency.nz

Medical requirements

People wishing to volunteer as a firefighter, medical first responder or in operational support roles have to undertake medical checks. There are no medical requirements for brigade support roles.

Firefighter and medical first responder roles must undergo a medical test with their GP. Applicants with the following conditions will require further testing:

  • mobility issues
  • asthma that is poorly controlled
  • insulin dependent diabetes
  • epilepsy or loss of consciousness
  • some heart conditions
  • certain psychological conditions.

People wishing to volunteer in operational support roles complete a medical self-assessment.

If you have any questions about a medical condition or requirements, please email our recruitment team at volly.applications@fireandemergency.nz