Our priority during the COVID-19 pandemic is to respond to emergencies while keeping our people & communities safe.


Volunteer with us

Interested in volunteering for Fire and Emergency New Zealand? We’d love you to join us.

Thanks to our volunteers, we’re able to help communities throughout New Zealand stay prepared and connected. Our volunteer brigades, supported by their families and employers, are often the only local emergency service responding to a growing variety of incidents.

Locate your local station to  learn more about the types of incidents they attend.  

Who can join

Almost anybody can join a volunteer fire brigade, male or female, young or old, those looking for adventure or those who want to contribute to their community (The minimum application age for a volunteer is 16 with parental/guardian consent, or 18 and above).

We’re committed to a supportive, inclusive and respectful working environment. We understand that our strength draws from our diversity, support for one another and community connection. We welcome applicants regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and educational background, and are stronger for having members with a variety of experiences, backgrounds and skills.

Why you should join

Meet new people - Joining a volunteer brigade is a great way to meet new people and be part of the fabric of your local community.

Learn new skills - Fire and Emergency is committed to supporting our volunteers’ safety, health and wellbeing. Our volunteers are fully trained to deal with the situations they’ll be facing.

Your training focuses on saving lives and resolving emergencies, while keeping you safe. We want to make sure you get home safe and well every time.

Volunteer firefighter

If fighting fires and responding to emergencies appeals to you, then being a volunteer firefighter could be the perfect role for you!

Volunteer firefighters respond to a range of emergencies depending on the local community’s needs and dependent on this need there may be the opportunity to specialise in either structure (buildings/property) or vegetation wildfires.

Volunteer firefighters’ duties include:

  • firefighting - structure and/or vegetation wildfire
  • medical response
  • weather emergencies
  • hazardous substances response
  • motor vehicle incidents
  • other incidents.

Operational support

If you want to respond to emergencies but not fight fires, then consider being an operational support volunteer! Operational support volunteers carry out important tasks to support firefighters attending to emergency responses, freeing them up to perform more specific tasks.

Operational support volunteers help the station with:

  • people and traffic control
  • scene protection and salvage
  • first aid
  • transporting equipment
  • assisting the incident controller
  • other supporting duties.

Brigade and community support

If you want to volunteer to keep your community safe without responding to emergencies, there are many other ways you can support the brigade.

Brigade support allows you to contribute to your local brigade and community without responding to emergencies.

Brigade and community support volunteers may help the station with:

  • administrative support
  • carrying out Secretary or Treasurer duties
  • promotional and educational activities
  • recruitment
  • brigade logistics
  • other support the station may require.

Process for becoming a volunteer

Before you can join us, however, you need to meet with the Officer in charge at your local brigade.

This is an essential part of the process, as the Officer will determine whether you are a good fit for their team. They will assess your capacity and willingness to achieve the competencies and attributes required of a team member. They may ask you to attend training nights.

If you both agree you’re a good candidate for volunteering, the Officer will help you to complete your application.

Background checks

You will have to pass a security check. Firefighters have to pass a medical test and operational support volunteers have to do a medical test and operational support volunteers have to do a medical self-assessment.

To find out more about volunteering

Contact your local brigade to find out whether they’re looking for volunteers and to make a time to meet.