Physical Testing

Pre-entry physical test (PPT) 

Candidates interested in paid operational positions are required to pass the Physical Pre-entry Test composing of 8 job related scenarios, an aerobic capacity test and 4 tests of general strength and endurance.

Candidates will be timed from commencement of the first scenario until completion of the last scenario. The candidates total time must be less than 8 minutes and 15 seconds.

Aerobic Test All candidates will be required to step fully up and down a two-step "step box" for a period of 3 (three) minutes at a rate of 120 steps /minute. Rate will be set using a metronome at 2 beats per second. Candidates who fall out of time will be allowed one cycle (2 steps up and 2 steps down) to catch up to the required cadence before the test will be stopped and candidates will be deemed to have NOT passed the test.

General Strength & Endurance Tests Candidates will be required to perform shoulder presses, grip strength tests, dead lift tests, and press-ups.

Candidates will also be required to conduct a final 2 tests for:

  1. Heights – you will be expected to perform simple tasks while working on a 14.1 meter ladder, and
  2. Confined Spaces – you will operate in a dark environment and elevated temperature