Be fire safe this winter

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Be fire safe this winter

As the heaters come out and fireplaces are lit, Fire and Emergency encourages everyone to be fire safe during these cooler months.

National Adviser Fire Risk Management Pete Gallagher says last month, before winter even started, six people died in house fires- making it one of the worst months for fatal fires on record.

"So we really want you to make sure you and your whānau stay safe while keeping warm this winter," he says.

"Keep anything flammable at least one metre from the heater - any closer and you risk it catching fire."

"Don’t over-plug your multi-board. Make sure there is no more than one heater plugged in so it doesn’t overload."

"Make sure you dispose of ash carefully and make sure your chimney has been cleaned. Ashes stay hot for up to five days so make sure they are fully out and in a metal bucket."

"Doing these things will reduce the likelihood of a fire in your home this winter.

"So stay toasty this winter, but do it safely."

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