What we do

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is a new unified fire organisation that brings together our country’s urban and rural fire services for the first time.

The formation of Fire and Emergency New Zealand represents a once in a generation opportunity to enable New Zealand to have a fit for purpose 21st century fire and emergency organisation that is flexible, adaptable and efficient.

Statement of Intent

Our Statement of Intent (SOI) sets out our plans for where we are heading and why, and how our performance will be measured, over the next four years. It outlines how the activities we undertake and services we provide contributes to a safer environment for all New Zealanders through:

  • Reducing the likelihood of unwanted fires
  • Reducing consequences from emergencies, and
  • Helping build resilient communities.

Statement of Performance Expectations

Our Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) provides an outline of our strategic intentions and priorities, and should be read in conjunction with the 2017-21 Statement of Intent (SOI). At the end of the 2017/18 financial year, our performance will be reported to Parliament in the 2017/18 Annual Report.

We will be monitoring progress towards achieving our outcomes using the specific measures and targets set out in the SPE. Both the Outcomes Framework and the Strategic Priorities will provide the basis for Key Performance Indicators and individual performance measures for all our people.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand has three foundational priorities that underpin the strategic priorities as follows:

Foundational priorities


We will fully integrate rural and urban fire services over the next 3 years, drawing on the strengths and differences of both sectors.


The safety, health and wellbeing of our people, and the public, is integral to everything we do.

Working together

We will consult and engage with our people and stakeholders in our work to deliver our services and in shaping the new organisation.

Strategic priorities

Fire reduction and prevention

We will build our capability to deliver effective community risk reduction activities to prevent unwanted fires and provide guidance on fire risk reduction and prevention.

Stronger engagement with communities

Engaging and connecting with our communities will enable us to identify and provide services that are appropriate to community risks and needs.

Coordinated services

Coordinated services will help ensure improved readiness for, and response to, incidents. We will build capacity and capability in a range of areas. This will enhance coordination within Fire and Emergency New Zealand and with other emergency services.