Fire & Emergency New Zealand

Responses to OIA requests

Responses to OIA requests

Fire and Emergency publishes responses to selected official Information Act (OIA) requests.  Responses are identified for publication based on broader interest to the public.  The reply letter details the information being released and explains what information, if any, has been withheld under the OIA.  The requestor’s name and contact information have been removed.

If you wish to submit an Official Information Act request please submit a request.

Published responses

Responses will typically be released on here as they are sent to the requestor.  There will be no notification on this if there are no responses to be published on a particular day, nor will signal in advance which responses will be published.  Documents are only available in Adobe PDF format due to software requirements for redacting.

We encourage you to have a look at recently released information to see if your question has already been answered.