Fire Plans

What are Fire Plans?

A Fire Plan provides transparency and predictability for how Fire and Emergency will use its fire control powers, outlining the particular fire risk conditions that exist or are likely to exist for the local area and sets out the policies and procedures at a local level for the management of risks relating to fire.

Each Fire Plan outlines, specific to each local area, things like: 

  • what prohibitions or restrictions on the use of fire might apply, including what triggers we will use for those restrictions
  • how firebreaks may reasonably be considered necessary for the purpose of fire control  
  • removal or destruction of vegetation or other things that could increase the fire risk.

Fire Plans consultation 2024

On 15 February, Fire and Emergency will begin formal public consultation to review Fire Plans across New Zealand.  

Fire Plans are required under Section 22(external link) of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 (the Act) and under the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fire Plans) Regulations 2018 (Regulations)(external link). The first generation of Fire Plans created under the Act were developed and published in 2021. 

​As part of these regulations, Fire and Emergency must review and amend Fire Plans for each local area (reflecting either a Local Advisory Committee or a Territorial Local Authority boundary) at least once every three years and at the time of any significant change to the boundaries and other Fire Control Measures of the local area to ensure Fire Plans reflect the changing nature of communities and emerging risks they face.

Read more about Fire and Emergency's public consultations.


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