Charleston gets home fire safety advice

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Charleston gets home fire safety advice

Charleston residents have been learning about the fire risks they face at home, and how to prepare for them.

Principal Rural Fire Officer Atila de Oliveira says Fire and Emergency, St John and West Coast Emergency Management visited around 80 homes in Charleston together to help residents prepare for emergencies.

"Being prepared for an emergency and managing fire risks is especially important in areas like Charleston where it is relatively isolated," he says.

"It was great to work with our partner agencies to help the Charleston community better prepare for an emergency and understand the risks in and around their homes."

"The scrub and manuka around Charleston is highly flammable. In the right conditions, a scrub fire could start quite easily and spread quickly, potentially putting people and houses in danger."

"Fire and Emergency gave free home fire safety assessments, including installing smoke alarms if needed, and talked to the residents about what they can do to protect their properties."

"Residents were also reminded that RAPID numbers need to be displayed clearly so all emergency services can get to your property quickly when help is needed."

"While the West Coast is known for its rain, the risk of fire shouldn’t be forgotten," says Mr de Oliveira.

"Once people are more aware of the risks we can help them to keep themselves and their household safe."

If anyone would like to arrange a free home fire safety visit call Fire and Emergency on 03 738 0898.

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