Smoke alarms and sprinklers save lives and property

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Smoke alarms and sprinklers save lives and property

Smoke alarms and sprinkler systems saved two Auckland businesses yesterday (Monday 11 May) – a local rest home and a surgery practice - after successfully preventing fires from spreading or causing major damage.

Principal Advisor Fire Risk Management Mike Shaw says the two accidental fires were successfully contained by the sprinkler systems installed in both buildings.

“Sprinklers activate when they detect heat and help contain a fire until firefighters arrive. At both of these incidents firefighters quickly extinguished the remaining fires and ensured all occupants were safe. 

“The quick operation of these sprinklers ensured minimal damage to property and meant both businesses have been able to remain open.”

“Luckily in both instances the smoke alarms alerted staff who were able to promptly evacuate all occupants to safety.

“These incidents show just how just important smoke alarms and sprinklers can be in saving lives and minimising damage to property.”