The smallest spark can cause a fire

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

The smallest spark can cause a fire

Fires can and do start from the smallest spark - especially in rural and semi-rural areas during the summer.


In the past few years, we’ve increasingly seen how, if unchecked, wildfires can go on to devastate people, land and wildlife.


Fire and Emergency New Zealand is encouraging people to go to our new and improved website to find out how to protect themselves, and our land, against potential wildfires.


If you’re considering lighting a fire outdoors, it will tell you how to do it safely, whether you need a permit, and direct you to our fire permit site to apply.


The website also provides advice on other spark generating activities like ploughing, mowing and grinding for those planning to work on the land.


Of particular importance as we head into summer, is the timely advice to rural and semi-rural people on how to protect their homes - before the fire season begins, by clearing anything that could burn away from the house - and creating safety zones to act as a barrier against fire.


Our new is now live. Check it out.