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Apply to be a Career Firefighter online

The second National Recruitment Round for 2021 is open 10am Tuesday 1st June and closes Wednesday 30th June at 5pm.

After you’ve checked you meet our entry requirements, and where we need firefighters, click on the 'Apply now' button at the top of the page.

As part of your application, you'll be asked to provide information, including:

  • Your personal details and contact information.
  • Two forms of identification, with at least one being photographic and one being proof of residency status.
  • Driver License, if applicable.
  • Details of your education history.
  • Details of your employment and life history for the past 10 years.  Please note: Life history includes periods of unpaid or volunteer work, school, study or extended period of travel.
  • Location preference
  • You’ll also be asked for responses designed to demonstrate:
    • Why you are interested in becoming a firefighter
    • Why you are the best person for the role
    • What are you most proud of
    • What have you done to prepare for this role.
    • How you have overcome any challenges you may have faced

Please note: It's important you disclose ALL information to Fire and Emergency New Zealand regarding any convictions/charges pending at this point and throughout the recruitment process.