Untidy and overgrown land

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Untidy and overgrown land

Untidy, overgrown land can be an eyesore but these overgrown areas may not necessarily be a fire hazard. If there is land near you which is untidy and overgrown, in the first instance, you should try to speak to the occupier or landowner.

If this does not resolve the problem and the area presents a potential risk to health or safety; for example, if it provides a breeding ground for rats and other vermin, then you should contact your local council.

Fire and Emergency is only able to ask an occupier or owner to remove or destroy a potential fire hazard when:

  • There is enough flammable material on the land to support a fire spreading to another property
  • It is likely a fire will start (for example there is a recent history of suspicious fires in the area)
  • If a fire did start it is likely to endanger lives or significant property (e.g. multiple houses). 

If you are unable to resolve a potential fire hazard directly with the owner / occupier and you believe the land near you fulfils all of the points listed above, then you can let us know about the area of concern by completing this online form or calling us on 0800 336 942 (FENZHA).  If you are concerned about multiple pieces of land, please complete a separate form for each one.

Fire and Emergency personnel will then assess the location of the potential fire hazard, and use their professional judgement to identify if it meets the threshold for requiring it to be removed or destroyed.