Building visits

Building visits are undertaken in accordance with the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017.

The purpose of these visits is to obtain information for:

  • operational planning
  • hazardous substances emergency planning
  • emergency evacuation.

These visits provide information that is stored in the Fire and Emergency Station Management System (SMS) building information database. The SMS database provides a risk score for each building based on a risk matrix. This helps us identify at-risk buildings.

If we find that any provisions within Part 1 of the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006 has been breached we will notify the building owner of the problem.

For more significant building non-compliance, we will begin a formal dangerous building procedure to ensure that we meet our legislative responsibilities. We are required to notify the local territorial authority in order that everything possible is done to return buildings to an acceptable level of safety.

Persons deemed competent

Part 2 subpart 6 of the Building Act 2004 deals with dangerous buildings. As a part of that statutory regime territorial authorities can request advice from members of Fire and Emergency who are notified to territorial authorities by the Board of Fire and Emergency New Zealand as competent to give such advice.

Under section 121(2) of the Act, it is advised that the following members of Fire and Emergency are competent to give advice under section 121 of the Building Act 2004:


Fire Te Hiku

Craig Bain Fire Risk Management Officer
Gary Peter Beer Senior Fire Risk Management Officer
Simon Kennedy Davis Manager Fire Engineering
Glenn Andrew Menzies Assistant Area Manager
Robert Bruce Watson Senior Fire Risk Management Officer

Fire Ngā Tai ki te Puku

Lynda McHugh Fire Risk Management Officer
Stuart Ian Cradock Fire Risk Management Officer
Peter Hallett Fire Risk Management Officer

Fire Te Ūpoko

Bruce Brandon Cole Fire Risk Management Officer
Matthew Robert Crabtree Fire Risk Management Officer
Michael Robert Finucane Fire Risk Management Officer
James Firestone Fire Engineer
John Arthur Hotter Fire Risk Management Officer
Murray Lindsay Kidd Fire Risk Management Officer
Bob (Robert) Henry Palmer Fire Risk Management Officer
Russell John Postlewaight Fire Risk Management Officer

Fire Te Ihu

Mike Gaskin Fire Risk Management Officer

National Headquarters

Colin John Clemens Research and Investigation Unit Specialist
Peter James Gallagher

Research and Investigation Unit Specialist

Robert John Saunders Service Deliver Advisor
Ian Duncan National Manager Special Risks