Our 'Proud Employer' mark

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Our 'Proud Employer' mark

We're committed to recognising the support of our self employed volunteers' employers and our volunteers' employers.

Most New Zealanders don’t understand how much our country relies on Fire and Emergency volunteers, let alone the impact this reliance has on local businesses. We want to change that.

We’ve started a ‘new tradition’ with a mark and an annual nationwide advertising campaign that will help New Zealanders recognise businesses and organisations’ that employ Fire and Emergency volunteers as part of our support crew.

This mark and annual campaign represent the collaboration between our volunteers, their employers, and Fire and Emergency, and the vital contribution businesses make to allow for emergency response during work hours.

Your display of our mark

If you’ve registered for our employer promotion programme, you’ll receive from your volunteer or brigade late August, a welcome booklet containing two stickers for placement on your business and vehicle window.

We also recommend you email employers@fireandemergency.nz for a digital copy of our mark to place on your business card, email signature, website, social media pages, and stationery.

By displaying this mark, you’ll show New Zealanders the vital role you play in keeping our communities safe.

Brand guidelines

We encourage when displaying our mark to download a copy of our brand guidelines.

Watch out for our promotional campaign from November

From November, we will be running a nationwide campaign to promote the mark to New Zealanders. We will update this page with more information about the campaign closer to the time.

The more employers with the mark, the better New Zealanders will recognise the vital contribution you’re making to support our volunteer fire brigades to keep our communities safe.