Winter Fire Safety

See a fire before it starts

Every year, as temperatures drop, we see a significant increase in the number of house fires.

During 2017-2020, there was a 29% increase in the number of house fires in winter (Jun-Aug). The majority of these are caused by or related to the increased use of heat sources in winter, such as heaters, chimneys, ash disposal, electric blankets and dryers.

Our strategy

Our new winter fire safety campaign ‘See a fire before it starts’ aims to help people better identify fire risks when using everyday household items, and encourages safer use of heaters, fireplaces and dryers.

Using a thermographic imaging treatment, we’re able show unsafe fire scenarios from a new perspective. This shift in focus demonstrations that danger is often hidden from the naked eye, but a fire is easily preventable if you know what to look for.

The campaign encourages three fire safety behaviours:

  1. A metre from the heater – keep everything at a safe distance
  2. Cool ash before you stash – soak with water in a metal bucket
  3. A clean dryer avoids fire – remove lint before every use

From June 19, the campaign will appear on social media, ad on pause, radio, online, street furniture and digital outdoor billboards until mid-August. Throughout this period, 15,000 stickers communicating safety tips on hot ash disposal will be attached to kindling boxes across Mitre 10’s, Bunnings and The Warehouse.

Get involved

We have a range of posters and social media images you are welcome to use alongside the proposed captions:

Proposed ‘Heater’ copy:

It’s tempting to hang winter laundry near a heater. But unless it’s a metre away, your clothes are a fire waiting to happen.


See a fire before it starts

Heater 1x1

Heater 9 x 16

Heater Stop Motion 1x1

Download Heater MP4

Heater Stop Motion 9x16

Download Heater MP4

Proposed ‘Ash’ copy:

Fireplace ash holds heat for up to 5 days and can spark new fires. Always soak it with water in a metal bucket before binning it.


See a fire before it starts

Ash 1x1

Ash 9 x 16

Ash Stop Motion 1x1

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Ash Stop Motion 9x16

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Proposed ‘Dryer’ copy:

That lint in your dryer’s filter? It’s a fire waiting to happen. Remove it before every use to remove the risk.


See a fire before it starts

Dryer 1x1

Dryer 9x16

Dryer Stop Motion 1x1

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Dryer Stop Motion 9x16

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