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Fireworks ban for Otago

Fireworks ban for Otago

A ban on fireworks is in place for the highest-risk parts of Otago.

Otago District Manager Phil Marsh says the ban began on 1 November 2022 and will remain in force while the specified areas are part of the Otago prohibited fire zone, where fire is already prohibited all year round.

The fireworks ban includes the following areas:

- Mount Iron

- Albert Town recreation reserve

- Queenstown Red Zone

- Shag Point

- Bucklands Crossing

- Ruby Island

- Stevensons Island

- Mou Waho

- Mou Tapu

- Pig Island / Mātau

- Pigeon Island / Wāwāhi Waka

- Coronet Forest.

"Banning fireworks in these areas will help us reduce the risk of a wildfire over summer," he says.

"Some of these areas include family homes, and many have important wildlife. We all need to take responsibility in reducing the risk of harmful fires.

"One stray firework could cause a disaster which is why we are asking people not to use fireworks within these areas, and to take great care with fire and fireworks if they live or holiday near those places."

The prohibition order was put in place using Section 52 of the Fire and Emergency Act. It allows Fire and Emergency to prohibit or restrict certain activities, such as the use of fireworks.

Last summer, fireworks were prohibited across all of Otago District from 22 December 2021 until 1 April 2022. This prohibition is targeted at areas where the risk of fire starting and spreading is highest, as identified in the fire plan for Otago.

"Go to to see if it is safe to do your activity and tips on how to do it safely. You can quickly find if any restrictions are in place, and apply for a free fire permit, which if required can take up to ten days to be processed. The MetService app also has quick links to fire season information."