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Fireworks ban for the Far North

Fireworks ban for the Far North

A temporary ban on the private use of fireworks has been put in place for the Karikari Pensiula, Ahipara township and surrounding areas.

District Manager Wipari Henwood says the ban will be in place from 2 November 2022 until 30 April 2023.

“With Guy Fawkes and summer approaching, the ban on private use of fireworks will help us reduce the risk of a wildfire over summer,” he says.

“Ahipara and the Karikari peninsula are dry and windy, with sandy soil and flammable vegetation – all of which increase the fire danger and risk of a wildfire getting out of control.

“One stray firework could cause a disaster which is why we are asking everyone to keep any fireworks safe in storage until the ban is lifted – including those planning to come to the Far North on holiday.”

The prohibition order was put in place using Section 52 of the Fire and Emergency Act. It allows Fire and Emergency to prohibit or restrict certain activities, such as the use of fireworks.

As we come into summer, Wipari Henwood asks everyone to think about fire risks and do their part to prevent a wildfire in the Far North.

“Go to to see if it is safe to do your activity and tips on how to do it safely. You can also find if any restrictions are in place and apply for a free fire permit. The MetService app also has quick links to fire season information.”

“Thanks to everyone, residents and holiday-makers alike, for helping keep the Far North fire safe this summer.”