Restricted fire season for Marlborough and Kaikoura

Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Restricted fire season for Marlborough and Kaikoura

A restricted fire season is now in place across Marlborough and Kaikoura. The change in fire season came into effect 8am Thursday 24 December 2020.

Principal Rural Fire Officer Chris Hayles says anyone wanting to light an outdoor fire in Marlborough and Kaikoura will now need to apply for a fire permit.

"With the recent hot and dry weather we’ve had, we have a lot more dry vegetation around here than previous years," says Chris Hayles.

"This increases the fire danger and means if a fire were to start, it could spread very quickly."

"We urge everyone in Marlborough and Kaikoura, whether you live here or are visiting for the summer, to follow the fire season.

"Be safe and apply for a permit if you want to light an outdoor fire. If you have a permit, follow the conditions listed on it."

"When you apply for a permit we can help you plan your fire and give you advice on the best day, time and location for your fire which will reduce the likelihood of it getting out of control."

"Go to and follow the instructions to apply for your permit."

"In a restricted season it’s okay to light up your gas or charcoal barbecues or have a hangi or umu without a fire permit - but follow our safety tips on and check the fire danger level for the day you plan to have one. Hold off if it’s too windy or the fire danger level is too high."