Evacuation schemes

Building owners are legally responsible for taking fire safety precautions in their buildings. This includes implementing fire evacuation procedures.

Some buildings must have their evacuation scheme approved by Fire and Emergency New Zealand. When this is the case, the building’s owner must apply to us in writing through the Online Services website.

Building evacuation schemes must be submitted to Fire and Emergency New Zealand for approval within 30 days of either occupation of the building or the issue of the Code Compliance Certificate.

Who needs their evacuation scheme approved?

Most commercial, public, and industrial buildings as listed in in schedule 1 of the Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006 must have evacuation procedures in place. Buildings that meet certain conditions will need to submit their evacuation scheme for approval. You can find a comprehensive list of conditions on the Online Services website to determine if you must develop an evacuation scheme and submit it for approval.