Our 3-Step Escape Plan

  • First Escape Route
  • Second Escape Route
  • Meeting Place

Use this space to note any additional information about your escape plan, i.e. who will assist

Your checklist
  • Get low

    Smoke is poisonous and more deadly than flames.

    If you breathe smoke for more than a few breaths it can kill you.

  • Be fast

    A house fire can kill you in less than three minutes.

    Don't spend time trying to save possessions.

  • Close doors

    A closed door buys you time.

    It slows down the spread of fire, giving you more time to get to safety.

  • Get out - stay out!

    People have died by going back into a fire.

    Don't leave the meeting place to go back inside for any reason.

Fire & Emergency New Zealand

Automatic fire alarm connection

Fire and Emergency New Zealand provides a national automatic fire alarm system and service, managed through a national Code of Practice.

This allows you to directly connect your building's fire alarms (certified to New Zealand Standards) to Fire and Emergency New Zealand Communications Centres. 

There are many benefits to connecting your fire alarm to the automatic fire alarm system:

  • We can respond faster to a fire alarm.
  • We'll have information about your building on hand, allowing us to respond to an emergency more effectively.
  • A qualified Fire Alarm Service Agent for your fire alarms will automatically receive messages indicating defects and other non-normal events related to your fire alarm.
  • Our certified Automatic Fire Alarm Service Providers (AFASP) monitor all connected alarms, ensuring Fire Alarm Service Agents return connected fire alarms from an off-normal state back to normal.
  • Connecting your fire alarm to the automatic fire alarm system is a means of compliance for your building with Building Code requirements.

Connecting your fire alarms

For new connections, please contact one of our AFASPs:

  • Alarm New Zealand (phone: 09 303 0303)
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Monitoring (phone: 03 341 0464)
  • Johnson Controls (phone: 0800 238 111)