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Bans on fire risk activities for Otago

Bans on fire risk activities for Otago

Fire and Emergency is prohibiting a number of activities which could spark a fire in the Otago district over the next few days.

Most of Otago is already in a prohibited fire season, which means a total ban on open air fires.

Otago District Manager Phil Marsh says people need to stop all roadside mowing, scrub cutting or weed eating with a blade, grinding, welding, and gas-cutting outdoors and mulching. All fireworks are also prohibited.

"Right now, conditions are so dry that any heat or sparks could easily start a fire, which would spread very quickly and be extremely difficult to manage," Phil Marsh said.

"A lack of any significant rainfall so far this year and continuing high daily temperatures are the main cause of these conditions, but the forecast over the next four days also has high winds in the mix.

"This temporary ban under Section 52 of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act will take effect at midday on Saturday 18 February and continue until 11.59pm on Tuesday 21 February."