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Business fire safety checklist

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As a business owner, you're obligated to provide a safe workplace for your employees. That includes doing what you can to reduce the risk of a fire emergency.

We may want to visit your business to plan for an emergency. We do this to help you reduce the risk of an emergency and to keep people safe.

Here's a quick and easy checklist you can use to spot any risks or hazards that might cause a fire or reduce fire safety in your business.

Fire safety

  • You have monitored fire alarms that are connected to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Communication Centres.
  • You have fire extinguishers in the building and key staff have been trained to use them.
  • You have a working fire hose reel in the building that can be accessed and used by emergency services.
  • Any electrical wiring, equipment or appliances are in good condition and well maintained.

Evacuation plan

  • You have an evacuation scheme that has been approved by Fire and Emergency New Zealand.
  • Your employees understand the evacuation plan and can action it in an emergency.

Preventing arson

  • Any outdoor rubbish bins or skips are kept away from your building, where they're less of a target.
  • You have adequate perimeter fencing around your workplace.
  • There's security lighting and surveillance equipment installed outside your building.

Means of escape

  • Exits are clear of obstacles at all times and not locked, barred, or blocked when the building is occupied.
  • There is no rubbish or other waste in stairwells and passageways.