Get out! Stay Out!

The early childhood education school fire-safety programme, Get Out!, Stay Out!, is for pre-school children aged from two to five years old.

About Get Out! Stay Out!

The focus of Get Out! Stay Out! is surviving fire in the home setting.

The content and learning outcomes of Get Out! Stay Out! have been kept simple. This is to meet the range of learning abilities across this age group and because home fire-safety for pre-school children is the ultimate responsibility of parents and caregivers.

Get Out! Stay Out! integrates principles from Te Whariki Early Childhood Curriculum. Learning outcomes have been developed around a number of Te Whariki goals in each of the strands. The additional take-home material encourages parents/caregiver involvement and responsibility in home fire safety. It emphasises the importance of children learning in the home environment in addition to learning through early childhood providers.



  • Fire is hot, fast and dangerous
  • Smoke alarms
  • The importance of shouting "Fire, fire, fire" to alert others when there is a fire
  • In a fire, get out and stay out!
  • Safe meeting place
  • Give matches and lighters to an adult
  • What firefighters do

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