Fire weather station climatology data by Fire District


The fire danger climatology files provided here have been produced by Scion(external link) for Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ). They will be updated from time to time as new stations and data becomes available.

New Zealand experiences around 4,400 vegetation fires each year that burn on average 6000 ha of
rural lands. To effectively manage this risk, New Zealand fire managers require a knowledge of fire weather extremes and their likelihood of occurrence relative to long-term statistics of fire weather and fire danger conditions. View the Updated Fire Danger Climatology Report for New Zealand(external link) which describes the methodology used to produce the individual station files below.

FENZ also acknowledges MetService(external link), NIWA(external link), Auckland Council(external link) and Hawkes Bay Regional Council(external link) for providing data to enable the production of these fire weather climatologies.